Asian Aid’s programs are designed to empower all children and their families irrespective of ethnicity, gender, religion, race or political conviction.

To ensure our impartiality and unbiased support for all children, Asian Aid does not engage in politics or evangelism in any of the projects or activities we support.

In line with our vision and mission, Asian Aid is working in close partnership with Adventist communities and like-minded partners across India, Nepal and Bangladesh to see children, their families and communities reach their God-given potential.

Asian Aid has chosen to partner with the following humanitarian agencies to address some of the most pressing needs these countries face.


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Helping Hand Welfare Society (HHWS)

HHWS has been implementing child sponsorship programs and initiatives across the network of Adventist schools in India since 1978. HHWS’ mission is to ensure access to quality education for children, their families, and communities through programs that support their holistic development. By providing access to all levels of education (Kindergarten through to Tertiary), HHWS ensures children and young adults have the tools they need to access learning and support throughout their academic journey. HHWS’ programs have continued to grow in recent years through the design of child-focused school development programs. These programs ensure children, and their families are accessing quality education through partner Adventist schools, extracurricular and life skills programs, and livelihood training opportunities to support their individual and collective well-being.

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Oasis India (OASIS)

Oasis India is a faith-based, non-governmental organisation working to prevent human trafficking in identified vulnerable communities. Oasis India has been working among marginalised people and communities across India in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and the rural Northeast regions of Manipur and Punganur since 1993. Oasis’ projects are designed to reduce the vulnerability of women and children against all forms of abuse, by engaging them through activities focused on education, health, employment readiness, vocational training, and team-based sports. By reducing the vulnerability of women and children in project communities, Oasis is addressing its key program focus on eradicating human trafficking, through partnerships with local authorities including the police, railway protection force and child welfare services to prevent women and children from being trafficked for sex and/or labour.

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Community Service Academy Nepal (COSAN)

The Community Service Academy Nepal (COSAN) was established in 1997 by a team of healthcare professionals with the vision to create a society in which every woman has access to their reproductive health rights and every child obtains their rights to survival, protection, development, and participation. In partnership with Asian Aid, the COSAN team have remained diligent and committed to their vision, bringing immediate and lasting changes in the lives of children and women through access to quality education programs and reproductive healthcare services for women in remote and rural Nepal. 

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Centre for Agro-Ecology and Development (CAED)

Considered one of Nepal’s leading organisations in the fight against gender inequality and uterine prolapse, the Centre for Agro-Ecology and Development (CAED) is a non-governmental organisation working to create just and equitable societies in remote and disadvantaged areas of Nepal. Asian Aid has been working with CAED since 2010, through child-focused advocacy-based healthcare projects, to support the rights of women and children in remote and rural Nepal. 

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3 Angels Nepal (3AN)

Founded in 2008 by a former Asian Aid sponsored child, 3 Angels Nepal (3AN) is a non-governmental organisation working to eradicate human trafficking in Nepal. 3AN work to achieve their vision, through the provision of quality education, advocacy and awareness programs, and safe rehabilitation services for women and children. Asian Aid has been partnering with 3AN since 2010, primarily through sponsorship programs linked to the 3AN mission school and supporting Adventist Children’s Homes program.

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Bangladesh Children’s Sponsorship Services (BCSS)

Bangladesh Children’s Sponsorship Services (BCSS) is a non-governmental organisation working to provide quality education for marginalised children, and health and livelihood programs for their families and communities. BCSS has been implementing child sponsorship programs and initiatives (catering Kindergarten through to Tertiary) across the network of Adventist schools in Bangladesh since 1972. BCSS partners with local churches, schools, and community partners across the country to facilitate child-focused school development projects with initiatives focused on education, healthcare, child-rights awareness, and economic development.

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