Asian Aid’s programs are designed to empower all children and their families irrespective of ethnicity, gender, religion, race or political conviction.

To ensure our impartiality and unbiased support for all children, Asian Aid does not engage in politics or evangelism in any of the projects or activities we support.

Asian Aid has chosen to partner with the following humanitarian agencies to address some of the most pressing needs these countries face.


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Helping Hand Welfare Society (HHWS)

The Helping Hand Welfare Society has implemented Asian Aid’s sponsorship program in India since 1978, and is currently our largest implementing partner. The agency also implements development initiatives and projects for marginalised communities, and focuses on building long-term sustainability within schools.

The projects HHWS implements are listed below:

  • Kollegal Speech and Hearing Impaired School
  • Children’s Homes
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Oasis India

Oasis India has been working among marginalised people and communities in Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai, with a combined population of more than 30 million people, since 1995. The agency offers and implements a range of educational and empowerment programs for children, youth and women in need.

The projects Oasis India implements are listed below:

  • Child Sponsorship
  • Community Resilience Project


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Community Support Association of Nepal (COSAN)

The first Asian Aid-supported sponsorship program in Nepal began in 1982, and continues – under the direction of COSAN – to support the educational needs of disadvantaged children.

The projects COSAN implements are listed below:

  • Child Sponsorship (Nepal)
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Centre for Agro-Ecology and Development (CAED)

Considered one of Nepal’s leading organisations in the fight against gender inequality and uterine prolapse, the Centre for Agro-Ecology and Development (CAED) helps implement the Child Sponsorship Program and Women’s Health activities. Asian Aid has partnered with CAED to help address child and women’s rights issues in Nepal through an advocacy and preventative-based approach.

The project CAED implements is listed below:

  • Child Sponsorship
  • Women’s Health Project
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3 Angels Nepal

Founded in 2008 by an ex-Asian Aid sponsored child, 3 Angels Nepal (3AN) have been committed to making a difference in to communities of vulnerable children, and trafficked and abused girls and women. The school and Children’s Homes run by 3AN provide quality education and care to children in need.

The projects 3 Angels Nepal implements are listed below:

  • Children’s Homes
  • Child Sponsorship (Nepal)


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Bangladesh Children’s Sponsorship Services

Since 1972 the Bangladesh Children’s Sponsorship Services has been primarily responsible for the coordination of the child sponsorship program in Bangladesh. They have also been responsible for implementing development initiatives in very poor communities to improve school infrastructures and provide improved and health and education services.