While we know how you walk your journey of faith is a personal one; there are so many ways that you can live your faith through action.

Here are just some of the ways in which you can help us at Asian Aid turn our faith into action and help some of the world’s most vulnerable women and children in India, Nepal and Bangladesh.


At Asian Aid we believe in the power of prayer; that is because God is the defender of those most vulnerable; His love plays is essential in the work we do. Our Christian response to fighting the injustice we see in the world around us is to lift our voices in prayer. We know this makes a difference. 

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Can you help us end poverty


We always encourage supporters to create fun events to support Asian Aid. We have now teamed up with GoFundraise to make it easier for you to share your fundraising journey with friends and family. Here is the link to our GoFundraise to help you on your journey.

Ask friends and family to sponsor an amount per goals kicked in the football season. It’s a great way to share the message of hope and understanding while getting the kid’s involved. It’s fun and easy, just register your soccer team now and help us to Kick it to Poverty

Support a campaign or hold a fundraising event

Click here to Sponsor a Child or Support A Program


Let us know if you would like to have one of our team visit your Church, school, retirement village or group to do a formal presentation or just a casual chat about what Asian Aid does.

We love sharing our story, we have a pop-up marque, willing to travel and talk about the work we do on your behalf!

We are also happy to come to special days, Big Camps, school open days or Church fetes.

Just call the office and ask for Ineka or send her an email and we will try to make it to your event.

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Join and BECOME A MEMBER of Asian Aid

A Member plays an important role within Asian Aid. For a small yearly payment, you have the opportunity to vote at the AGM or run as a Board Member.

Note that all new applicants for membership must be financial supporters of Asian Aid for at least one year prior to the lodgement of their Application for Membership which shall be determined in the absolute discretion of the board.


Do you want your group, church or school to have a more meaningful connection with a community or school overseas?

We have a limited amount of schools and smaller Projects that we do on a yearly basis you could fundraise for.

This will allow you to have a one-on-one experience from start to finish over a 12 month period so you can see what your group can accomplish together.

Click to create your own GROUP EXPERIENCE

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Creating a Will is one of the most important things you can do. A Will gives you the choice of leaving a lasting legacy to your family and loved ones, and to causes you care about most. Remembering the work we do in your Will has the power to create a legacy for life.

If you would like to receive further information or would like to have a confidential chat please contact Ineka either at the office or via email.


The death of a family member is one of life’s most painful episodes. Those in mourning need support and most of us are anxious to find some way to comfort them. One of the ways to express sympathy and compassion, as well as respect for the deceased, is by sending flowers.

Occasionally, the obituary announcement includes the phrase “In Lieu Of Flowers” and we are always grateful when families want to support Asian Aid during this time. We believe every person is unique and work with the family to ensure the family have all the support they need. If you would like information please contact Ineka at the office or via email

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