Our Mission

To enable children, their families and communities to reach their God-given potential, through child-focused programs that foster sustainable positive change.

Our Vision

Our vision places the well-being of children at the centre of everything we do. Our vision is that:

All children, families, and their communities, are empowered, protected and have full access to their rights.

Boys in Chennai program

Our Values

At Asian Aid, we:

  • Believe in Jesus: in His love for others, in His compassion for the poor and in His example of giving.
  • Believe in people: helping all who need it regardless of their religion, ethnicity, culture or gender, and empowering the poor.
  • Believe in the rights of the most vulnerable: especially the poor, disadvantaged, homeless, displaced and destitute children and their communities.
  • Believe in good stewardship: being transparent, accountable, honest and cost-effective in all our dealings.
  • Believe in accountability and professionalism: being responsible to God, to the people we help, to our donors, to the Australian government and to the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
  • Believe in service: opposing poverty and social injustice, condemning all that impoverishes children and denies their potential, and committing to sharing resources with the poor.