Our Water and Rural Development program, ensures the following essential services to identified families and community members in Northern Bangladesh:
  • Artesian bore and irrigation network, providing water to the school and the farming community nearby;
  • New pumping station and reserve pump for consistent/clean water supply; and
  • Agricultural training for local famers on improved techniques for crop production and diversification.
Farmers and their families engaged through this program, improve on their existing capacity and skills to utilise the clean water supply more effectively, moving from reliance on a single crop (rice) to include seasonal vegetables and fruit crops.
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Your Support Helps

Our Partner in Bangladesh is working to grow the program through additional services including:
  • Livestock breeding (ducks, hens and goats);
  • Rice and vegetable seed production, preservation and marketing;
  • Vocational training (handicraft and tailoring); and
  • Health education for families and community members.
Due to the success of the Water and Rural Development program, our Partner is exploring plans to roll-out similar activities in identified communities.