• Operate mobile health assessment camps for cervical cancer screening and the provision of surgical treatment of uternine prolapse (UP);
  • Reach women and girls in remote areas who lack adequate access to these services by conducting outreach;
  • Provide education to women and girls in project areas about reproductive health and hygeine through training sessions;
  • Address the gender inequality issues which place a heavy burden on women and put them at risk of UP;
  • Provide outpatient support and follow-up treatment for women and girls who benefit from surgical treatment.
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In remote areas of Nepal many women and girls don't just lack access to speacialized medical treatment for two of the most common and harmful female health problems they face but also lack the knowledge and education to identify whether they are at risk.  

We recently restarted this program and our team saw 620 women across two days. 500 women had cervical cancer tests conducted, 275 were provided assistance with pelvic inflammatory disease and many others recieved treatment for uterine prolapse.