Our Women, Girls, and Child Rights Project in Nepal empowers women and children, particularly girls, through:

  • Encouraging children to discuss and advocate for their well-being in home, school, and community, addressing issues like child marriage, reproductive healthcare access, and menstrual isolation (chhaupadi huts).

  • Educating children about their right to healthcare, safe community spaces, education and the importance of attending school.

  • Supporting families with livelihood programs to enhance household financial resilience.

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Your Support Helps

Recently our partner provided training to 30 parents on how to raise children in a way that protects them from violations of their rights, child marriage, gender discrimination and encourages formal education. Over the past few months, 647 adolescent girls were able to to access health services relevant to their age. In our project communities, it is common for girls to require help with menstural concerns. We were also excited to hear that 10 girls turned down child marriage proposals and 67 families completely abandoned chhaupadi practices (menstrual isolation).

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