Our Empower and Protect Children program in India, works to transform the wellbeing of children, youth and women in India through the following actions:

  • Ensuring access to quality tuition and educational support for children and their families in communities at high risk for human trafficking.
  • Providing opportunities for women to learn new, marketable skills in tailoring, and support to manage social enterprises.
  • Providing access to sporting activities for children and youth, to improve their sense of self-worth, identity and moral guidance.
  • Preventing the trafficking of children and youth for exploitation and labour, through vocational training programs and community awareness campaigns.
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Your Support Helps

Through your support, sponsored children and their peers engaged through after-school programs, not only receive tailored tuition support but further life skills training, to develop their individual personality, reduce their emotional stress, and enhance social and academic skills. The program ensures children and families are supported to navigate the tactics and strategies human traffickers often use to engage women and children living in slum communities.

Keeping children in school, and ensuring their caregivers (mothers and fathers) are engaged in meaningful employment is key to building safer communities.

Sponsor a Child - Empower and Protect Children

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