Asian Aid provides education to children and young adults in disadvantaged communities, assists Nepalese women suffering from uterine prolapse, leper communities, special-needs children, trafficked girls and women, slum communities, the sick and the very poor. We seek to alleviate poverty, to empower, to advocate and to give hope.

Asian Aid has been changing lives and giving hope to the poor since 1966.

Child Sponsorship gives hope of a better life to children throughout Asia.

Asian Aid projects enrich people and their communities.

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Huggles and Heartsongs Music CD

If you can’t find the definition for ‘Huggles’ in an Oxford dictionary, or don’t [yet] use the word in your vocabulary, you’re not alone. ‘Huggles and Heartsongs’ is a brand new CD of songs and lullabies to capture a child’s heart.


My Reflections From the Field

I’ve just arrived home after travelling to India and Nepal with my daughter to visit some of Asian Aid’s Children’s Homes. We had an incredible time and I want to share with you some of the highlights.

The first thing you notice stepping off the plane in both countries is the chaotic traffic. It is indescribable how all these different vehicles, animals and pedestrians all share the same road with minimal observance of road rules.


Helen’s Heart for Humanity


For over thirty years, thousands of children in the Asian Aid sponsorship program have repeated this phrase over and over again. This scene is typical of Helen arriving at an Asian Aid school. Simply dressed in graceful Indian or Nepali traditional attire, Helen bends to greet each smiling child. She carefully remembers their names and their stories – so many names and stories. And like seeing their favourite aunty, the children love spending time with Mummy Eager and look forward to her visits even now.

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"I enjoy knowing that such a small amount of money each month can make such a huge difference for these children… I realised what a huge amount of money $10 is to people".

Karen McCall - Sponsor of two children

"Teaching in my own culture is fun, but teaching English in Indonesia is life changing. The trip affirmed my calling and passion to this kind of work."

Neil Greenwood - Volunteer for HELP - 2012

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We believe hope finds its truest expression when given and received in community. That’s why we need you to help us empower others. Pray, fundraise, volunteer, advocate and/or become an ambassador: there are many ways to get involved.

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