Asian Aid provides education to children and young adults in disadvantaged communities, assists Nepalese women suffering from uterine prolapse, leper communities, special-needs children, trafficked girls and women, slum communities, the sick and the very poor. We seek to alleviate poverty, to empower, to advocate and to give hope.

Asian Aid has been changing lives and giving hope to the poor since 1966.

Asian Aid projects enrich people and their communities.

Child Sponsorship gives hope of a better life to children throughout Asia.

Recent News

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The Advocating Artist

Ananta*, a talented Nepali artist, is using her art to speak out against injustices in Nepal. But rather than simply drawing about injustices that exist in her society, Ananta’s art uniquely depicts some of her own confronting personal experiences.

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20 Boys Rescued from Bag-Making Factories

Oasis India’s raid of five bag manufacturing factories in Bangalore rescues 20 young boys. The boys were trafficked from Nepal and the state of Bihar in Northern India, nearly 2,000 kilometres away.


What is Human Trafficking?

Did you know that it is estimated 1.2 million children are trafficked each year? They are usually bought or sold for sexual exploitation, forced labour or slavery. This appalling crime must be stopped and YOU can help.

Get Involved

“Because Asian Aid is a smaller NGO, I really enjoyed the broad range of experience my professional internship gave me. My highlight involved traveling to Bangladesh, Nepal and India to observe first-hand the work that is being done.”

Tracy Hamilton – Professional Intern from Avondale College of Higher Education

“If you are scared to step outside of your comfort zone then volunteering is the experience you need. The children I met in Nepal and the stories they harbor are very touching. Their constant smiles showed that despite their circumstances they can be happy.”

Larissa Bottin – Former student and school captain of Kempsey SDA School

Create your own story!

We believe hope finds its truest expression when given and received in community. That’s why we need you to help us empower others. Pray, fundraise, volunteer, advocate and/or become an ambassador: there are many ways to get involved.

Find out more about getting involved or contact us to share your ideas.