Streamlining our fundraising capacity

We are streamlining our fundraising capacity to meet any urgent or additional requirements

Adventist Education and Communities

You can help us increase the quality of life of children that attend our Adventist schools by improving their school and families’ circumstances. Your donations go to improving educational resources, establishing child clubs, raising child rights awareness, teacher training and livelihood training for parents so children and the wider community are benefitted.

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Streamlining our fundraising

Special Needs Schools

Our Special Needs Schools help children who may otherwise miss the opportunity to be educated to receive the help they deserve and hope for their futures. You can help us provide life-changing programs for children to transition towards meaningful and independent living as adults with practical skills.

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Nepal Women’s Health

In Nepal, women in rural communities are isolated from medical care and are not taught the basics of women’s health. Our Women’s Health project, to be launched in 2020/21, provides women with health assessment camps for cervical cancer screening and the provision of surgical treatment of uterine prolapse. Help us break the gender inequality which places women at risk and provide practical help and education.

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Womens health

Children Living In Slums

Across India, families are displaced and are forced to move into slums, a dangerous and toxic environment, especially for children. We need your help to run programs which give children food, keep them in school and give them role models to look up to. These programs help the community fight against trafficking and child labour, as well as provide tangible skills to women to allow them to make an independent income.



In these uncertain times, unforeseen needs are constantly arising, whether that be building renovations, new education programs to fight poverty, slavery and trafficking or new school resources or health assistance. That is why we are further streamlining our fundraising, and when you donate to our Meet-The-Need fund, you allow us to quickly assist our children, families and communities when they need it most. We know circumstances change quickly so thank you for helping us meet the most pressing needs.

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Reducing administration costs

This has been a challenging year for all but we remain focussed on ensuring the well-being of the children under our care, their families and communities. To ensure we are prepared; we are continuously streamlining our fundraising capacity to meet any urgent or additional requirements as they occur while still ensuring that children come first.

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