The Gift of Conversation

The art of conversation is very much alive and still one of the most meaningful ways that you can connect with your sponsor child/children.

Writing a letter to your child gives you and your family an opportunity to create a cross-cultural connection that can be very rewarding. Research has shown that receiving correspondence from their supporter has tangible effects for the child too. It is proven that children who receive letters from their supporters have higher self-esteem and perform better at school.

There is no doubt that building a connection with the child is beneficial. However, it can be tricky to write to someone you don’t know and who comes from a different culture, race, language and family background.

What To Include:

The child you support will be interested in hearing about your family and your daily activities, about your pets, your hobbies, your garden, your job or school. If you have children, encourage them to write a letter or draw a picture too. Ask about their hobbies and interests, as well as their school and family. Send them photos, if you would like. Children treasure photos of their supporter(s).

Sensitive Topics:

Refrain from commenting on the child’s religion, culture or political system, if possible. It is also best to avoid obvious expressions of your personal wealth. Only make promises you can keep. And if you would like to do more for your child/children, please contact us for ways to do this. Although most children will celebrate Christmas, your child may be from a non-Christian background and may feel uncomfortable with too much emphasis placed on the holiday.

Getting Started:

To help you get started, we’ve created two downloadable letter templates you can use to write to your child/children. Feel free to choose the letter template that best matches your child’s age and gender.

Please include your name and supporter ID, and your child’s name and ID in all your mail. Once you have written your letter, please post it directly to the Asian Aid office: P.O Box 333, Wauchope, 2446, NSW, Australia.

Mail to children will be sent in bulk to our partner offices, who will deliver your letters to your sponsor child/children. To ensure your mail goes out on time each quarter, please send your mail by the 25th day of the following months: January, April, July and October to the Asian Aid office.

Please Contact Us if you can’t print the letter templates and would like us to post them to you.

Downloadable Templates: