Our After-school Programs Across India

Literacy is not just about reading and writing; it’s about enabling dreams and fostering a brighter future. World Literacy Day on September 5, 2023 has us reaffirming our commitment to education and empowerment.

Our after-school programs (ASP) have ignited a brighter future for countless children, especially for the marginalized communities across Bangalore and Chennai.

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Our ASPs have created a ripple of positive change, and here’s a glimpse of the incredible impact they have on the children and community.

1. Access to Quality Education: 
Thanks to the kindness of our dear donors and supporters, children who once lacked access to proper education are now receiving free tuition and educational resources. This has empowered them with knowledge and skills that will shape their futures.

2. Breaking the Cycle of Poverty:
ASPs have become a powerful force in breaking the cycle of poverty. Your support has provided these children with opportunities they could only dream of, giving them the chance to pursue higher education and secure better livelihoods.

3. Empowering Marginalized Communities:
Your donations have not only transformed individual lives but entire communities. ASPs have become a beacon of hope, inspiring families to prioritize education and invest in their children’s futures.

4. Fostering Social Inclusion:
ASPs promote inclusivity and diversity. Children from various backgrounds come together to learn, grow, and form lasting bonds, bridging gaps in society and promoting unity.

5. Building Ambitious Dreams:
With access to education, these children are dreaming big. They aspire to become doctors, engineers, artists, and change-makers, all thanks to your belief in their potential.

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Author: Pudens Isabel

One part writer, one part photographer & two parts traveller… Three years ago I decided something needed to change, so I quit my corporate job and started working for Asian Aid from my home in India. I travel to projects and schools we support in India and Nepal, bringing you their stories through words, photos and video. Since then I have been visiting Asian Aid projects with my camera and notebook in tow, to bring pictures and stories from the field to you.