Nepal COVID-19 Update

(Last Updated On: June 10, 2020)

The global pandemic of COVID-19 has given us and our overseas partners the opportunity to assist people in ways we previously had not anticipated. One of our partners in Nepal have been doing just that by providing food relief to those who need it most and supplying hygiene materials to local health services.

Our partner aimed to provide food relief packages to new mothers who have given birth since April 29. They also wanted to provide food to the families of child activists in their program. Together, Asian Aid and our partner coordinated with local NGOs, Government offices and health centers to get information on who in the community was in need. Food supplies and hygiene material were bought from the local market and distribution was done safely, being conscious of social distancing.

With your support, we have been able to provide 118 post-natal mothers with food relief to give families the nutrition they need to grow. These women were given 25kg rice, 2kg lentils, 2L cooking oil, 2kg salt, 1kg sugar, some spices and 2kg beans. They were also provided with information on prevention of COVID-19 and the precautions they should be taking at home.

A total of 488 child activists and their families were also able to receive food relief. Each family was provided with 25kg of rice, 2kg lentils, 2L cooking oil and 1kg salt. Local NGOs also provided information on COVID-19 and the precautions they should be taking at home during lockdown.

To add to this, you support allowed for basic protection and hygiene materials such as sanitizer, masks, soap, towels and gloves to be provided to the 15 local government health centers in the working areas.

If you would like to help us during this crisis please contribute to our Family Food Fund. For forty dollars per month you will be able to provide food staples for a family of four. 

Author: Jacinta Franks

Jacinta is a communications graduate with a passion for exploring and sharing the world. She works in helping stories come from our projects to you.