While we have some children still staying at school in a boarding capacity, governments have  extended holidays and closed schools, many of our children remain or have been returned home. This has put additional stress on families from a food perspective.

We are proud to be launching our new Family Food Fund. This will ensure that while our sponsored children remain at home, they (and their family) have enough food to eat. 

These regular monthly food packs will also allow us to keep an eye on the child as we move to the logistics of providing weekly catch ups with all of the children who are in our programs and at our schools, no matter how remote.

For forty dollars per month you will be able to provide food staples for a family of four.

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Your Support Helps

Food relief allows as to ensure a safe, secure food supply for: 

  • Students who are currently staying at school
  • Children who have returned home due to government orders and their families
  • Our Seventh-day Adventist families surrounding our schools
  • Our children and their families who live in Indian slums
  • Teachers and their families