Maisie Fook Memorial School Renovations

(Last Updated On: December 14, 2020)

What began with the need to rebuild a wall has turned into a major renovation for the Maisie Fook Memorial School in remote Bangladesh.

Last year it was found that the boundary wall of the Maisie Fook school was not built properly and was falling apart and we called out to you, our supporters, for help. This fundraising call out for $16,000 was met by you and more, and over $26,000 was raised in 72 hours.

In February, we showed you the progress that was being made and we are excited to share with you that the wall is now complete and has been painted.

To add to this, the school has also had a school building painted, another building renovated and window netting has been fixed. The school has also set up playground equipment for the children and a walking pavement has been put in from the entrance gate to school buildings.

Another exciting is development is the electrical work they have done. With this, they have added lights and fans to the classroom and have installed a water pump.

Now the school is looking to finish painting the exterior of buildings along with the classroom interior. The school name will be written on the gate and the field will be leveled for play. They are also looking to add study materials and tools to the classroom.

The Maisie Fook Memorial School has been developing in an astonishing way during the pandemic period and we are thankful to you for making that happen and supporting the work we are doing.

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Author: Jacinta Franks

Jacinta is a communications graduate with a passion for exploring and sharing the world. She works in helping stories come from our projects to you.