A Member plays an important role within Asian Aid. For a small yearly payment, you have the opportunity to vote at the AGM or run as a Board Member.

Asian Aid is very grateful to those volunteers who serve as Directors on the Asian Aid Board. Their skill and expertise is invaluable for the smooth running of this ministry. The more we grow under God’s blessings, the more we need the support of skilled professionals in various avenues of expertise to provide good governance to overseas development. If you, or someone you know, have an interest in supporting Asian Aid in this way, or would like to part of the election process for new Directors or to vote on motions that are put forward at the Annual General Meeting to contribute to the focus this ministry, we invite you to become a member of Asian Aid Organisation by completing the membership application below.

All new applicants for membership must be financial supporters of Asian Aid for at least one year prior to the lodgement of their Application for membership which shall be determined in the absolute discretion of the board. The board may, in special circumstances, waive the financial supporter requirement.


Please download, fill and send this form to PO Box 333 Wauchope NSW 2446. You can also email it to [email protected].