Ensure children, adolescents and women are:

  • Given access to an education
  • Able to engage in children’s clubs and committees
  • Encouraged to pursue their chosen career path
  • Treated fairly if they are differently-abled
  • Able to develop holistic life skills
  • Provided with relevant educational resources
  • Able to break out of poverty
  • Able to learn in ways that best suit their abilities
  • Taught about their rights and value, and
  • Are able to build resilient communities that value and support children

Supported Projects

– Child Focused Development Sponsorship Program
– Special needs schools


We believe that all children – regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, disability or religion – have a right to live in communities and attend schools that enable them to thrive.

We also believe that both formal and informal education offers all people, including children, the chance to break out of poverty, to develop holistic life skills, and to influence the decisions that affect their lives.

We work to help build resilient communities that value and support children. Thank you for providing people with access to quality and free education. (Jeremiah 29:11)

We encourage you to donate to the Education fund, which will support projects in India, Nepal and Bangladesh.