Another School Set to Get Clean Drinking Water For the First Time

This past year we launched our new Water and Rural Development Project to provide clean drinking water in an Adventist boarding school in Southern Bangladesh, about 115 km away from the capital city. The school’s existing water source is from a well about 900 feet deep. The water quality is poor – full of saline, a high percentage of iron, and other contaminated water substances. Children at the school have been suffering from skin-related diseases as a result of using such low-quality water. 


Clean Drinking Water for 700 children

This project will work to ensure access to safe non-potable water and sanitation services on the school campus for 700 children, 45 school staff, and their families. The project will also include building a new water filtration system for potable water, ensuring the children can access safe drinking water. 

So far, project staff have installed a new pipeline along with a new pump. This pump is currently set to run water for two hours every day. Infrastructure was brought in to address pipeline backwash to ensure good water quality and old boring pipes have been removed.

In addition to providing clean drinking water and safe non-potable water for the school campus, the project will provide healthcare screening services and health-based advocacy activities, ensuring children understand the benefits of using safe water for sanitation and hygiene purposes. This will be especially crucial as the feasibility survey indicated that children in the area frequently suffer from waterborne diseases. This project will lead to better health outcomes and brighter futures for children in the school and the surrounding community.

Ground Breaking 2
Ground-breaking ceremony

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