CEO update – Food Relief Program

(Last Updated On: May 27, 2020)

Dear Friends,

Today we are launching our Family Food Fund. This fund will ensure our sponsored children and their families have sufficient food supplies during country lock downs.

Governments have extended holidays and closed schools resulting in many of our children remaining at, or returning home. This has put additional stress on families from a food perspective. There are a number of children who are still at boarding school.

We are in contact with our Partners across India, Nepal and Bangladesh. Each of these countries have individual challenges. It is clear that food relief and security for the children and their families has become an urgent need.

When providing food assistance in times of difficulty, some important factors we need to consider are;

·     In country options to provide assistance to the communities we support on your behalf.

·     The government requirements regarding public movement and logistics to ensure food supplies are distributed correctly.

Our key objectives in providing food relief support are to;

·     Secure food supplies.

·     Create a regular and sustainable food source and packs.

·     Ensure safe distribution of those supplies so we can get them to children and their families.

We are confident we will achieve our goal for stage one of food relief planned for the next three months which is delivering monthly food packs. This also provides us the opportunity to check our sponsored children’s welfare no matter how remote they are.

Forty dollars per month will provide basic food supplies such as rice, oil and flour for a family of four.

As always, we remain focused on what is the best for the children and continue to work with our Partners on safe strategies that will enable the children to get back to school as soon as possible.

Thank you for your on going thoughts and prayers.

Paul Esau, CEO

To support this new relief program, please click the image below.

Family Food Fund

Author: Paul Esau