Celebrating National Non-Profit Day

(Last Updated On: August 21, 2020)

This week we got to celebrate National Non-profit Day. It was a day where we could reflect on the impact of non-profits around the world and our collective aspirations for a better future. Non-profits play a special role in any community where they often bridge the gap between those most vulnerable and the government and provide support where none is offered. Their presence has been particularly felt over the last few months during lockdown where food relief and aid has been provided to communities all over the world.

Here at Asian Aid, we believe in the empowerment of children and know that this is the basis for a developing society. By equipping their families and communities with the resources and circumstances to be able to support them, we can make some extraordinary change and break the cycle of poverty. Thanks to you, our continual supporters, we had so much to celebrate on National Non-profit Day.

We know that our work overseas needs continual support, so we are thankful to our teams here in Australia and overseas who work every day to ensure there is hope for people in poorer communities. Creating change is no small feat, so we are grateful for our teams who are devoted to empowering children and their communities.

We are also incredibly grateful for the incredible Partners we get to work with in India, Nepal and Bangladesh. They are our hands on the ground and are actively making change in their communities every day. So, we thank you, our Partners, for seeing the potential in these children and believing in a better future.

Non-profits exist to serve and that could not happen without ongoing support. Our team here at Asian Aid thanks you all for the part you play in helping us change the lives of children and whole communities across our partnering countries. You empower us to make a difference and give us something to celebrate on Nation Non-profit Day.

Author: Jacinta Franks

Jacinta is a communications graduate with a passion for exploring and sharing the world. She works in helping stories come from our projects to you.