Walk A Day With Blaise

Reflecting on the story of Neha and Nikesh, growing up in rural India and Nepal, we share the story of our young supporter Blaise in Australia. Blaise, along with his family, sponsors children through Asian Aid.

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His life is very different to children like Neha and Nikesh, but he is keen to see them have the same opportunities he does.

Blaise lives in NSW, and is studying in year 8.

Similar both children, Blaise gets up at 6.30 AM, and has a swim or surf at the beach early. He packs a sandwich and some fruit for lunch and then usually gets a ride with his mum who drives to work right past his school. He often eats his breakfast in the car because he has been at the beach too long. He likes it when his mum drives him even though he can catch the bus.  

At school Blaise likes to play any sport with his friends. He often doesn’t eat his sandwich at lunchtime because he is too busy playing. His most favourite sport is football. 

“I really like playing touch football and would play rugby league if my mum lets me,” he laughs. He gets to go away to other areas and play against other schools. He much prefers to do this than sit in the classroom. 

After school he catches the bus home and meets his older brother so they can walk from the bus stop together. Blaise has 2 older brothers and an older sister who has left home to study at university. Once he gets home Blaise likes to get something to eat and rest for a while. Some afternoons he goes to football training or a swim again at the beach. Not every afternoon but occasionally he has to go into help his dad in their shop to unpack boxes. He doesn’t mind this as long as he gets a snack while he is there. 

On weekends Blaise will most likely go to church with his family but he often goes out camping too. He is in Pathfinders and really likes to get outside somewhere new to explore with his friends. He really likes an adventure. 

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To help children in our programs have the same opportunities as Blaise, support our Walk a Day With Me campaign.