Returning to Normal In India

One of our Village Schools on the southeast coast of India is slowly bringing students back into face to face classes. The school was reopened in August and is currently running half-day classes. They have also seen some new enrollments after the school closure.

Teaching staff are being extra careful regarding the health and safety of the students. Most of the children are from other villages and our school principal has been working very hard to organize transportation for the students. She has been dedicated to growing the school for the past nine years. This month, they are hoping to open back into full-day classes as usual.

The school has a computer lab which students are learning to use. They also have a library with many books. The children enjoy reading and using the space.

The schoolteachers note that it is difficult to run a school in such a remote village as this one but most people in the local villages are not educated and it is a real blessing to have this school in the area.

We thank you for helping us bring education to remote areas and provide hope to children and communities alike.