Asian Aid in conjunction with our partner, COSAN are sourcing protective materials for the Scheer Memorial Adventist Hospital. The health workers based at the hospital have just one set of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) issued for the whole hospital. Any help is appreciated and buying PPE suits ($200 each) is important so we can give hope and health to frontline workers at the Seventh-day Adventist hospital in Nepal.  The purchase of protective equipment for frontline health care providers which include basic masks, N95 masks for those facing suspected cases. The availability of hand sanitizer is essential for a day to day basis medical function to prevent transmission as well personal protective equipment (PPE) for those preparing to provide level 3 care for suspected or confirmed cases.

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Nepal is not prepared and equipped to handle cases of Covid-19 and if there is an outbreak in the country Scheer Memorial Hospital will play a critical role. The government is taking steps in regards to avoiding public gatherings and crowding in the communities but has not been able to provide with basic necessities for the diagnosis of the disease or the equipment to protect front line health workers. We are moving to provide personal protection equipment (PPE) for the health care professionals that are based at Scheer Memorial Hospital which is the Seventh-day Adventist Hospital in Nepal.