Our COVID-19 Relief Fund will drive the following activities:

  • Additional study support for those children who are struggling to learn at home. This also includes support for students who are in limbo; unable to do final exams or awaiting university placements.
  • Additional support for food relief to ensure those children and their families do not go hungry whilst at home.
  • Ensure welfare checks can be completed on children at home through in-home visits and phone calls. Additionally, we will provide health assistance as needed.
  • Further invest in infrastructure.
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Your Support Helps

You will have no doubt been saddened by the recent news of how India and Nepal have been impacted by the fourth wave of COVID-19.

Our primary focus throughout the crisis has been to ensure that we have mitigated the risks to our sponsored children, their families and communities. Unfortunately because of the virulent strain of the Indian virus, what that looks like for many is now extended and amplified with many schools being closed and communities going back into lockdown. Your support will help our Partners ensure learning resources are available for students across our program, and allow our community-based programs to operate in a COVID-safe way.