Meet The Need


As leaders of the next generation, children participating in our CFD Program are involved in:

  • Discussing the techniques to make reusable sanitary pads using local resources.
  • Creating mural art on menstruation hygiene and practice.
  • Participating in an essay competition on child marriage and in a debate competition on The Effects on Reproductive Health Caused by Child Marriage.
  • Developing a campaign against the practice of untouchability during menstruation.
  • Conducting awareness sessions on Human Trafficking and the harmful effects of firecrackers in their communities.


Your support enables children and youth to break out of poverty, to develop holistic life skills, and to influence the decisions that affect their lives.

Now we need your support to go one step further. By donating to our Child Focused Development (CFD) Program through the Next Generation Fund, you will help us work in communities in India, Nepal and Bangladesh where crime and violence, early-age marriage, alcoholism, poor school attendance rates and a lack of basic necessities and proper living conditions place children and youth at increased risk. You can help address these issues and enable sponsor children to become opinion-leaders in these communities.

If you want to empower these leaders of tomorrow but are not able to sponsor a child, you can donate to the Next Generation Fund.

Your generosity will enable transformation that is more sustainable, more meaningful, more holistic.

Donations to the Next Generation Fund will further support our child-focused development Sponsorship Program activities in India, Nepal and Bangladesh. All activities aim to help children grow strong for life in families, schools and communities that can support them. The activities that the Next Generation Fund supports are tailored to local conditions and address different needs.