Meeting an Incredible Teacher in Bangladesh 

Florence teacher 3

Florence is a teacher in one of our schools in Bangladesh. It was a pleasant surprise to hear her story about how her life has turned out because of Asian Aid’s support through sponsorship.  

Florence came as a little girl to the school in 1995. Thanks to her faithful sponsor, she was able to seamlessly go through school and finish her studies. Now, she is living her dream of being a teacher in a mission school. “Florence is doing an incredible job through her passion and commitment and her expertise,” says Tammy Moses, Program Manager, Asian Aid, who met Florence in Bangladesh. “She is an incredibly intelligent and powerful woman who has a heart for children and a heart for the families.” 

Observing Florence at school with the children showed us that for Florence, she is not just a teacher. She wants to be their friend, guide, and support. 

“I am the product of Asian Aid, and I am very thankful to you,” Florence says. “I love these children as most of them don’t have parents. Some students have no mother, some have no father. So it is our responsibility to love them. We think that all the women in this campus, we are mothers, and we are taking care of your children. Please pray for us so that we can take care of your children as a shepherd. So that one day they will come here as teachers and leaders.”