From The Shores of Boga Lake: The Extraordinary Journey of Samuel Bawm

I am Samuel Bawm, a thirteen-year-old student at an Asian Aid-supported Adventist school in Bangladesh.

I was in my little world, nestled within the breathtaking village of Boga Lake Para. Surrounded by mesmerizing natural beauty, my home was a sanctuary of love and warmth. My parents, Robert and Zing, blessed me with their unwavering affection, and my three younger sisters, Jacklin, Rual Nun Kim, and Glori Sing Moi, filled our humble abode with laughter and joy.

A20905 Samuel Bawm 4
Samuel with his sisters

My father, a hardworking man with hands, toiled in the fields, tending to crops and bringing life to the soil. My mother, the guardian of our home, infused every corner with her nurturing spirit. Together, they created a haven for our family. And oh, how I adored our feathered companions! Our hens and chickens were not just pets but a source of amusement and love. I cherished every moment spent caring for them, witnessing their adorable antics etch unforgettable memories in my heart.

But life was not without its challenges. Education, a beacon of hope, required unwavering determination. Every morning, we embarked on a treacherous journey, our bare feet braving against jagged mountains, our spirits unyielding. The rain-soaked paths of the rainy season tested our resolve, but within me burned an unquenchable fire—a desire to learn, to explore, to become a teacher.

Destiny, it seemed, heard my yearning and intervened in the most unexpected way. One winter, a fellow student from the Adventist Seminary and School visited our village, carrying tales of an extraordinary boarding school experience. His words painted vivid images of discipline, excitement, and endless possibilities. The mention of sponsorship opportunities for students like me ignited a spark within my heart.

With hope in my eyes, I rushed to my father, pouring out my dreams and the promise of assistance. At first, he grappled with the decision, knowing the financial burden education placed upon our family. But in his love for me and his unwavering belief in the power of knowledge, he agreed. The following year, 2020, my father enrolled me in the Adventist Seminary and School, forever altering the trajectory of my life.

As I stepped foot into this unfamiliar realm, a whirlwind of emotions engulfed me. Nervousness and excitement intertwined, each competing for dominance. For the first time, I found myself separated from the comforting embrace of my family. However, as fate would have it, a guardian angel in the form of my best friend, Nehemiah, emerged. Together, we navigated the labyrinth of this new environment, finding solace and strength in our shared journey.

School became my sanctuary—a place where knowledge flowed freely, dreams were nurtured, and friendships bloomed. Soccer matches echoed with laughter and camaraderie, infusing my days with pure delight. And oh, the stories! Lost in the pages of countless books, I devoured tales of adventure, courage, and endless possibilities, expanding the horizons of my imagination.

But the true turning point arrived when my dream to complete my studies became a tangible reality. Through Asian Aid, my education was sponsored.

A20905 Samuel Bawm 1

I am forever indebted to Asian Aid for their immeasurable and unwavering belief in my potential. Their sponsorship has bestowed upon me a gift beyond measure- the gift of education. With every ounce of gratitude in my heart, I pledge to make the best use of this blessing. Asian Aid’s support has not only lightened the financial burden on my family but has ignited a fire within me to succeed, to make a difference, and to pay forward this extraordinary act of kindness. From the depths of my soul, I offer my deepest thanks to my sponsor, and I promise to seize this opportunity with unwavering determination and gratitude.