Bimala finds her family after being separated for five years

(Last Updated On: May 19, 2021)

She is looking forward to a family reunion soon

Bimala is a beautiful girl of 14, living in our children’s home in Nepal. She was brought to us at the age of nine, and since then she has been thriving. Opportunities for holistic education, and sports have brought out the best in her. At the Home she found a new family, and is good at taking care of her siblings. She spent the COVID-19 pandemic helping other children like her who also had nowhere to go.

Prior to this, however, is a different story. After she was abandoned by her parents, Bimala began peddling illegal goods in her backpack. Once day she was caught and eventually she ended up in our home. If our partner had not intercepted, she would still be peddling illegal goods in the Indo-Nepal boarder and ended up in prison. She did not have a birth certificate and in addition to this she did now know where she was from – so we could not locate her family. We were eager for a family reunion and we searched for her family but in vain.

When all hope seemed lost, she revealed that she has a big brother who was also living in a child care home nearby. After searching in many children’s homes, we finally found him. It was a miracle that after five years Bimala finally had someone to call her own. She is excited and is looking forward for a family reunion to when he will visit after this academic session. 

Author: Pudens Isabel

One part writer, one part photographer & two parts traveller… Three years ago I decided something needed to change, so I quit my corporate job and started working for Asian Aid from my home in India. I travel to projects and schools we support in India and Nepal, bringing you their stories through words, photos and video. Since then I have been visiting Asian Aid projects with my camera and notebook in tow, to bring pictures and stories from the field to you.