End Of Year Update From Our CEO: Back to School

(Last Updated On: December 10, 2020)

As we head towards the end of, what has been for many, the most challenging year of our generation, we are so thankful for how you have continued to support us and the children during this time. Christmas is a time of faith, family, food and fun but this year, it may be celebrated differently in many parts of the world, as well as here at home, in Australia and New Zealand.

While food relief continues to be a focus, we have been working with Partners to see what 2021 will look like post-COVID and beyond. 

This year’s Christmas Appeal has two clear objectives: Back To School and Return To Learning. 

What going back to school and learning looks like in 2021 in India, Bangladesh and Nepal will be based on the health, welfare and safety of the children you support and government guidelines.

The aim is simple. We want to:

1. Improve school environments to ensure that children will have a better experience when they go back to school than they had pre-COVID;
2. Wherever possible provide the tools, equipment, resources, technology, data and infrastructure to ensure that the children have the ability to continue to learn whatever the challenges that arise in-country during this pandemic.  

We are all mindful of the challenges that lockdowns have had, especially in the lead up the Christmas. We asked our Indian team member Pudens who has recently returned from maternity leave what has it been like having a baby in lockdown. In a time that is supposed to be settling in and spending time with family and friends celebrating new birth, a pandemic was announced.

This video is Pudens’ story…

We thank you sincerely and ask for your continued support in helping us return the children to a learning environment and back to school in 2021 and to remember the children in your prayers.

Thank you,

Paul Esau – CEO


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