Clean, Safe Drinking Water Improves Health in Asian Aid-supported Schools

Safe Drinking Water System Pic Sustika Chisim March 2024

In a small village in Bangladesh, life has taken a hopeful turn for many children, including seven-year-old Sustika. With a twinkle in her eyes and a cheerful disposition, Sustika navigates her day with newfound joy, largely thanks to a project initiated by Asian Aid that has brought safe drinking water to her school.

Sustika’s family consists of five members. Her father works as a security guard in the city, earning a modest salary that barely covers the family’s needs, while her mother manages the household. The community they live in is underdeveloped, with most of its inhabitants relying on day labor and farming for their livelihoods.

Despite the economic challenges, Sustika is a diligent and punctual student. Her dedication to her studies shines through, even as her family struggles to support her education. Her father’s income is insufficient to meet all their needs, and the burden of school expenses weighs heavily on the family.

Recognizing these challenges, Asian Aid stepped in with a transformative project aimed at improving the health and hygiene of children in Bangladesh. By building sanitation latrines, handwashing stations, and providing safe drinking water systems in village schools, Asian Aid has made significant strides in ensuring better health for children like Sustika.

At Sustika’s school, the installation of a safe drinking water system has been a game-changer. Every day, 72 students attend classes and participate in the feeding program, and are now enjoying the benefit of pure, safe water during their school breaks. This simple yet impactful improvement has brought immense relief to the students and their families, who no longer have to worry about the quality of the water they consume.

The safe drinking water system, located conveniently on the school premises, ensures that students have continuous access to clean water. As a result, attendance has improved, with students coming to class regularly, knowing they will have safe water to drink throughout the day. The system is well-maintained and running efficiently, meeting its objective of providing health benefits to the school children.

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For Sustika, this project has been a source of happiness and relief. She no longer worries about falling ill from unsafe water, and her overall well-being has improved. The project has not only benefitted her but also had a positive impact on her entire family. With her health safeguarded, Sustika can focus better on her studies, bringing hope to her parents who dream of a brighter future for their daughter.

The community, too, has embraced the project’s initiatives. The provision of safe drinking water has sparked interest and awareness about health and hygiene, encouraging further development within the village. Events and activities related to the project continue to engage the community, fostering a collective effort towards a healthier and more prosperous future.