Will you take up the challenge and help us kick it to poverty?

Register yourself, team or club and get friends and family to sponsor you per goal that you make in a season. Let’s step up and kick some goals this season and help the children who live in an Indian slum! 

It is fun, it’s easy and just register now! Email Ineka for further information: [email protected]

For every goal you or your team score, you raise funds to help kids have opportunities to rise out of their circumstance.

Our target this year is 2,000 goals nationally, if every team raises pulls together and gets sponsors to generate $10 per goal, then we raise $20,000 to go towards our kids sports club and our before and after-school program in our slum Chennai, India. 

Help us empower boys and girls to have the opportunities you take for granted every day. 

What is our GOAL, to end the cycle of poverty of course!

Help us raise $20,000 to help empower children in an Indian slum.