Asian Aid Offers Ray of Hope for Sanchari In The Midst Of Breast Cancer Journey

Sanchari Devi and her husband have long relied on the kindness of their fellow villagers for survival. Every day, her husband goes door to door, begging for food and whatever else the villagers can spare. Sanchari, who was married at the tender age of 15, is now 51 and the mother of three children. Her husband, having renounced worldly life in search of spiritual peace, has become a “Sadhu,” or mendicant ascetic. This transformation left the family without a stable income and in a constant struggle to make ends meet.

Their situation became even more dire when their home, which was mortgaged, was claimed by the government due to their inability to repay the loan. Sanchari’s health challenges added to their woes. She was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago and sought treatment at a cancer hospital in Bharatpur.

Although the Nepalese government provides some financial assistance for cancer treatment, Sanchari’s funds quickly ran out after just two cycles of the recommended eight cycles of chemotherapy. Financial constraints forced her to discontinue the treatment.

In addition to cancer, Sanchari has been suffering from pelvic organ prolapse for the past few years. When she heard about a health camp being conducted in her village, she was determined to seek help. A Female Community Health Volunteer informed her and her husband about the camp. With hope in their hearts, they rode their bicycle to the camp.

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At the health camp, Sanchari shared her struggles with pelvic organ prolapse and her incomplete breast cancer treatment.

The team at the camp recognized the urgency of her situation and decided to help her continue her cancer treatment. She was referred to Scheer Memorial Adventist Hospital, which had recently established a cancer care center aimed at serving individuals like Sanchari who cannot afford private healthcare.

Sanchari underwent a comprehensive evaluation by a team of experts. A CT scan of her chest, abdomen, and pelvis revealed that her cancer had metastasized to her lungs. Despite this grim news, the team decided to provide her with palliative chemotherapy to manage her condition. The cost of her chemotherapy will be covered by Asian Aid.

Unfortunately, many in Nepal lack access to timely and adequate treatment for conditions like cancer. While the government provides some subsidies, the amounts are insufficient for comprehensive care. Delays in treatment can lead to the progression of the disease, as seen in Sanchari’s case. Her cancer had spread significantly during the interruption of her treatment.

Now under the care of the team at Scheer Memorial Adventist Hospital, Sanchari will undergo the necessary cycles of chemotherapy, supported by regular follow-ups. The hope is that she can live with some relief and dignity despite the advanced stage of her illness. Through the compassionate efforts of the healthcare team and the support from Asian Aid, Sanchari and her family are beginning to see a glimmer of hope amidst their struggles.

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Unfortunately, many in Nepal lack access to timely and adequate treatment for conditions like cancer.