We at Asian Aid have developed this website to consistently tell our story of giving hope to people in need and of empowering you with tools and resources to become advocates for the rights of disadvantaged people and communities.

That’s why we encourage you to use the images, videos and text you find here to educate yourself and others, to promote our work, to fundraise, to donate and/or to sponsor. But to ensure consistent and positive use of the materials, including the Asian Aid logo, we ask for your understanding of the following:

  • If you want to use material for commercial purposes or to fundraise for us through your business or other commercial activity (such as selling a book or CD), please contact us first.
  • To protect the identity of the children, please refrain from using images from the child sponsorship section of this website. You are not allowed to use the photographs of children featured there. You can share the children’s story/circumstances, but please do not use their full name, their birthday or any other information that might identify them.
  • You need to acknowledge Asian Aid as the owner of any material you use from this website as follows: Copyright Asian Aid Australia [year]. All rights reserved. Used by permission. Source: www.asianaid.org.au
  • If you wish to use material marked “used by permission [name of owner]”, you will need to get separate permission because the material belongs to someone else/another source. Please contact us, if this is the case.
  • We ask that you do not use our materials to fundraise for anybody or anything other than Asian Aid causes.
  • We can ask you to stop using our material at any time and at our discretion.
  • You can use the Asian Aid logo as it is displayed in already-designed banners, sliders and/or campaign-specific advertising. We trust you will not change the logo and/or the banner, slider or advertising files in any way. If you need to use the Asian Aid logo on its own for fundraising or promotional activities, contact us please. You need special permission to use the logo.
  • The easiest way to share materials from this site with others is by creating a link to our website from your website and/or social media sites.

You will need to agree to the following provisions before linking to our website:

  • You are not allowed to link to this website where your website is a business (or other commercial) website without our express permission. Gaining permission is simple. Please contact us to receive permission.
  • You will only use the link in ways that protect and enhance our reputation.
  • You will not change the link (website address/name) in any way or combine it with any other graphics.
  • We can ask you to stop using the link at any time and at our discretion, but are confident this will rarely be the case.
  • All appropriate laws (including the laws of the country in which your website originates) also apply.
  • The Asian Aid logo is owned by the Asian Aid Organisation and used under license in Australia (Asian Aid Australia) and the United States (Asian Aid USA). The rules of logo usage and website material access apply to both offices.

We may change these rules from time to time without notice. Changes will be published on this page.