The Australian Council For International Development (ACFID) is the coordinating body for non-government overseas aid and international development organisations in Australia. The Code sets out standards and requirements to which members are bound and against which complaints and compliance is assessed.

The ACFID Code of Conduct, is a voluntary, self-regulatory sector code of good practice, which Asian Aid Australia received full ACFID membership for on 1 November, 2013. As a member of ACFID, we are commitment to high standards of public accountability, governance and financial management.

ACFID members come in all shapes and sizes. Each member focuses on specific issues and areas of international aid and development, in such a way that follows the ACFID standards which have been set according to what achieves the best results, for the people we support in developing countries and for the public who support us.

To view the Code or learn more about ACFID, visit their website.