Aarti’s Life Changes

“I like playing games with my friends and I don’t mind winning or losing, I play for fun.”

Aarti is a thirteen-year-old girl who loves playing with her friends. She found a new home after she was enrolled in our Adventist school in Nepal at the age of three. Now she is in grade seven and is good at her studies. Besides playing with her friends and studying she loves to sing and has an interest in singing hymns.  

It was very sad to hear that her parents were put into prison for twelve years and Aarti was to suffer due to this. A stark reminder of the injustices faced by young lives like hers, Aarti’s parents’ incarceration left her stranded, devoid of education and hope. But the love she got from her friends and home parents helped her to transition from being in confinement to being in a safe sheltered home.

Aarti when she first came to us

At our safe space with our partner in Nepal, we believe in nurturing children’s potential and safeguarding their right to a secure education. Aarti’s story is a testament to this conviction. By offering her not just shelter but also access to quality education, we have ignited a beacon of optimism in her life. She now stands on the precipice of a promising future, illuminated by the light of hope. 

In Aarti’s own words, ‘When I grow up, I aspire to become a teacher.’ She deeply admires educators for their capacity to share knowledge. Aarti’s ambition to contribute as a teacher reflects her dedication to reshaping the lives of others, just as her own life has been transformed. 

Aarti’s story resonates deeply with our mission: to give vulnerable children protection and nurturing guidance, allowing them to flourish as empowered individuals. With unwavering determination, Aarti strides towards her dream of becoming an educator who imparts not just knowledge, but also values that shape the very fabric of society.