Invest in the Transformational Power of Education

We need your help to run more Educational programs that raise awareness about and address pressing social issues, and enable the holistic development of children. By giving a little more every month, you can give children new opportunities to thrive. Donate here.

New Sponsorship Program Launched

Sponsorship is more than being about just one child. Asian Aid’s new Sponsorship approach is more sustainable. More meaningful. And much more holistic for children and their communities.

Thank you

Children at the Centre of their own Development

For the past few years, we have been collaborating with partners towards a sponsorship program that will help ensure children, their families, their schools and their communities grow strong for life together. Read more.

Join The Justice Effect

We are inviting you to join The Justice Effect campaign and help us take positive action for deserving children and communities. All you need to join is your passion, voice, talents and networks.

The Kindness of Strangers…

Stranger Danger is a phrase most kids these days know very well. Not Tripura Dipongkor. His life has changed because of strangers. Strangers who recommended that he go to school instead of work. Read more…