Ensure children are:

  • Free from threat of harm or violence
  • Taught about the dangers of human trafficking
  • Rescued from the binds of slavery
  • Rehabilitated in a safe environment
  • Empowered to become advocates
  • Given relevant counseling
  • Equipped with useful life-skills

Supported Projects

Fighting Human Trafficking Project
The Safe Haven Project


Advocating against deeply engrained societal errors– such as human trafficking – is critical in protecting the rights of women, girls and vulnerable individuals.

To be effective in the fight against human trafficking, it is important to not only stay focused on preventative measures, but also to advocate for trafficked survivors and to empower them to become advocates themselves.

While human trafficking in South East Asia is certainly a daunting problem, it is not insurmountable. The commitment of governments and organisations such as Asian Aid’s partners, 3 Angels Nepal and Oasis India, is making a difference for the better.  Isaiah 1:17 

Thank you for using your voice to speak on behalf of trafficked individuals.  We encourage you to donate to our Advocacy Program, which will support theFighting Human Trafficking Projectand the Safe Haven Project.

Below you will find updates about how our Advocacy projects are addressing vital issues affecting disadvantaged communities in Asia.