Updates from Our School for Speech and Hearing in South India

(Last Updated On: March 28, 2022)

Over the past many months, one of our Adventist Special Needs schools in India has taken extra care juggling handling the pandemic with making sure their students do not miss out on education opportunities. We share with pride their achievements.

Academic Development Program

Despite the pandemic, the teachers have been working with the children and parents to see how they can continue their academic development. For many months, like other schools, the school conducted classes through video calls, lessons were sent through WhatsApp which included videos, documents, and pictures in line with students’ needs. While the lower grades continued online studying, the higher classes began in-person classes in order to be prepared for exams.

Speech and Hearing School class

Science Fair

As a culmination of their studies for the year, high school students presented projects on various topics, including prevention of water and air pollution, paper models of body parts, monuments, PSLV, and much more. This helped them put into practise what they learnt, and also was a welcome addition to their curriculum.

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Co-curricular And Cultural Programs

The students managed to host and attend several co-curricular and cultural programs as much as possible, including the Republic Day celebrations, and the a health and environment parade in the town. In addition, the school students along with students from the Adventist School for Visually Impaired participated in a health and tolerance weekend service at an SDA church and community centre.

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HHWS ISHI School Kollegal Program Update 2022 5

The ninth and tenth grade students got an opportunity to visit the government Milk Federation Milk Churning center.

Sports And Vocational Programs

Physical activities are something that special children at school enjoy and excel in, whether they are work programs, games, or practical activities like tailoring, gardening, or computer education. Every day, staff and students play cricket, throwball, and kho-kho. This academic year, tailoring classes were made available for girls in grades 7 through 10. These outdoor programs are a great way to keep them refreshed physically and mentally.

Kollegal sports

Spiritual Development Program

The hostel program includes morning and evening devotions. The students also participate in chapel exercises, school assemblies, and weekend services. Students have the privilege to grow spiritually through leading worship and singing services, Bible-based skits, and choreographing praise songs.

Chapel Kollegal

 Leadership Development Program

The students receive leadership training through chapel exercises, Pathfinder, and hostel programs. The Silent Warriors Pathfinder Club hosted a camp as part of the school’s leadership development program. The camp was power-packed with spiritual, mental, and physical activities that inspired the pathfinders.

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