Popy’s Childhood Dream

Popy is in year nine at school. She is 14 years old. When Popy finishes school, she wants to be a nurse.

Popy is one of seven children: she has five brothers and one sister. Her father is a farmer and her mother is a housewife. Popy’s father works very hard from morning right through to the evening, but it’s not enough to manage the needs of the family. As a result, four of Popy’s brothers and her sister can’t go to school – only Popy and her younger brother attend school.

But up until 2009, Popy rarely had a chance to study as well. Providing an evening meal for the family was more important than educating seven children. But in 2009, a sponsor chose to support Popy and she could then go to school.

Popy goes to Monosapara Adventist Seminary and School in Bangladesh. She started there in 2012, as a year four student.

It takes up to 12 hour in a bus, car or motocycle, or up to three days of walking to get to the school from her house.

Popy can still recall the first day of her school life – a happy day for her. At school, she found many boys and girls of her age playing and laughing. At first she felt lonely, but soon she met many new friends. Everybody was helpful and cooperative. She really liked how friendly the students and teachers were.

When Popy was in year seven, she received a letter from her sponsor. “My sponsor is very important to me because without the help, I would not have been able to study,” Popy says. She likes studying because her teachers are very good and encourage all of the students to study. Her favourite subject is science, and she has not let go of her dream to become a nurse so she can go to her village and serve the people there. “I want to give free treatment to the poor patients and villagers,” she says.

And thanks to her education, she is confident that she will be able to reach her goal.

There are many children like Popy whose dreams can become a reality. Sponsor a child today.

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