YOUR Perspective of Asian Aid is Important

Transparency has been a buzz word over the last decade as we’ve become more accepting of the digital landscape in our day to day life. Technology has permeated our lives to the point that we pay bills, communicate with the world and purchase groceries from the device slumped lazily in our pocket.

In this framework – interacting with society with incredible pace – the reputation of a charity seems to underpin its very existence. Sounds dramatic but given the nature (and size) of the industry, it makes sense. In a recent report from the ACNC 215 new charities were registered in July 2017 alone. It goes without saying that competition for charitable donations, grants, corporate engagement and the sort is increasingly fierce. Each charity has to navigate amongst all others as we each represent a worthy cause and try to secure funding.

What other industry has this much competition? Coles has Woolies. McDonalds has Hungry Jacks. David Jones has Myer. World Vision – though on top in terms of income for international humanitarian aid agencies – has literally thousands of charities with equivalent worthy cause.

So what is your perception of humanitarian work? Many feel strongly about work on a domestic front – seeing the needs that exist amongst our actual neighbours here in Australia. Many who are immigrants are attached to the growth potential of the nations they came from. Many have their heart-strings tugged by a specific cause – such as human trafficking, refugees, women’s rights or conflict and war.

Asian Aid has sought to build its reputation on the central tenets of a child-focused approach as our provision of humanitarian services. We believe that the key message we’d like to drive home – to those who have supported us for the 51 years of our existence or to the new individual who stumbles on our work – is that the investment into the development of children and the communities and causes they represent is why we exist. Our faith, and the clear alignment with the gospel of Christ, is the fuel that continues to drive our work.

Yes, indeed we’ve had some shifts in function over the last 5-10 years. As a child grows, he or she develops and becomes an individual. In the same way, Asian Aid – much like the children we aim to develop – are more than witness to a world that is constantly changing. This changing world at times requires us to adapt and this is precisely what Asian Aid has willingly done in recent years.

Despite the gamut of expansion we’ve enthusiastically undertaken, our core function is the same.

Our aim is and will always be to put the children at the forefront of what we do. We celebrated our 50-year anniversary in 2016. Now looking forward – the philosophy of our work has led to more excitement and fervour than ever before in how we can efficiently see to the development of the next generation of world changers. Our partners that we work with overseas to implement our work are being taken on this journey with us. It has stretched our limits of capacity but it’s in these times of corporate exercise that we build the strength required to stay the course for the next 50 years.

We hope that the output of our work – beyond supporter satisfaction – is that lives are changed with a generational impact.

We hope that among the seemingly infinite number of charities we stand out as an organisation that is obviously transparent, but aligned with your vision for the future world as well.  More than that, the world becoming a more opportune place is what we aim to contribute to.

Author: Joshua Moses

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