Note from Quentin Campbell

There is more to sponsorship than books and uniforms.

And together we are continuing the tradition of investing in children while working to resolve the underlying causes of poverty in communities through our sponsorship programs in India and Nepal.

More effort into improving incomes helps parents provide school fees for not only for the sponsored child but also their siblings. Greater focus on community health ensures that families stay healthy, which keeps children in school instead of being pulled out to care for sick relatives. Teacher training and better school management are improving the quality of education. Awareness on child rights and protection increase child safety and lower the risks of trafficking.

A key to the success of our program is participation. It is no longer passive support, but a facilitated, permanent, community-led change. This gives us confidence that these changes will be long lasting and that children and communities will be better off long after sponsorship has ended.

As Jesse Owens, four-time Olympic gold medalist said – “We all have dreams. But to make dreams a reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, and self-discipline.” Asian Aid is giving children and their communities this opportunity for self-determination.

Quentin Campbell, Program Director

Quentin Campbell

Author: Quentin Campbell

I have been working for Asian Aid for the last 8 years helping to shape the projects we support. What satisfies me most is seeing communities come together with a little support to overcome poverty or disempowerment and thrive without us.

As a father of three and husband to one amazing wife outside of family time, I enjoy cycling and surfing in beautiful Port Macquarie.