New Sponsorship Program Launched

We Are Learning An Important Lesson: Never Underestimate Children

Asian Aid new Sponsorship

“I want to become a doctor and save lives. People die in ambulances on the way to the hospital. I want to do something to keep them alive in the ambulance before it is too late.” Glory, 12.

Asian Aid new Sponsorship

“One day, I want to rescue children who are trafficked.” Manimegalai, 13.

Asian Aid new Sponsorship
“I want to become a scientist so that I can create medicines for diseases that currently have no cure.” Preethi, 12.

“A person’s a person, no matter how small,” said Dr. Seuss.

It is a true saying, yet not always easy to remember when dealing with children. We can, at times, forget they have dreams, opinions and ideas. Their importance may escape them too.

Your support is beginning to enable our partner organisations to start implementing our new child-focused community development Sponsorship approach.

Sponsorship is not about one child – their needs, their education, their food – anymore. This is more sustainable. More meaningful. And much more holistic.

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The new Sponsorship approach will not only establish protection for the children, but can catalyze sustainable growth and development for a better tomorrow.

This is just the beginning of this new journey, and yet, the children we are working with are already proving us right. And making us proud.

In India, our partners have recently held focus group discussions with children, who were able to bring to light the problems in the community and how those problems affect them and their studies. The discussion also involved coming up with solutions on how to tackle these problems. Activities during life-skills classes have also been geared towards ensuring that they are able to make wise decisions.

One of the ways that the children wanted to get their message across to the community was through a street play. The children actively and enthusiastically took over the planning for the street play. They decided the topic, venue and gave interesting and creative ideas. The street play was on creating awareness on trafficking; different forms of trafficking, fighting against trafficking, child labour and the importance of having a healthy relationship at home.

CFD kids rally

Children in India march to raise awareness about the dangers of human trafficking.

They suggested that the street play be conducted in one particular area of the community and highlighted the issues that needed to be addressed. Eventually they also participated in the street play through campaigning, mobilizing the community to attend, distributing the pamphlets and referrals.

They expressed satisfaction about their involvement in the street play as it helped them to raise their voice against inequality.

Like you, we are happy to see the children become real agents for change. However, no group of people are happier than their parents. After attending a few meetings with their children to understand key aspects of the new approach, most parents expressed their happiness and pride in seeing their child be a change agent. They expect this step will help to improve schooling outcomes and academic achievements of their children.

Children and their parents are ready and excited about being a part of this new process, and to be more closely involved in the work of creating change in the community.

Sandhya Catherine, Education Coordinator in India can see the potential Sponsorship Plus can have.

“It will help us see changes at a group level. The children will learn new values, skills and have an opportunity to contribute to change their community. In a few years I’m sure we can see changes at the community level. The challenges are many in this community – diversity in culture, ethnicity, etc. Through this program we can be involved with each child for much longer and see them grow and improve.”

Matthew Nathaniel, Project Manager, India adds.

“I think the new Sponsorship approach is a great way of investing into the future of the children. The marginalized communities we work with will benefit a lot out of this new focus since children in these areas are vulnerable to neglect and lack of support.”

“Implementing the new approach will see us work with communities who are familiar with us. We have worked in these areas for several years now, earning trust and building relationships that will pave the way for a strong and sustainable program. We look forward to building on our experience and going on a journey that will transform the lives of children and communities we work with.”

Interested in helping children and their communities grow strong for life? If so, please Sponsor A Child today for $49 a month.