Invest in the Transformational Power of Education

Thank you for believing in the transforming power of education, and the ability we all have to help transform people’s lives.

Twelve-year-old Kathir is a change-maker. We have seen his life change at a personal and family level. But Kathir  also wants to see real transformation happen in his community.

“I will plant trees to reduce flooding,” he says.

Why? Because his community lives in an area where water stagnates during the monsoon.

“I also want to help all kids to go to school and not waste time. Everyone must help each other.”

Maybe then the problem of alcoholism in his community won’t be so highly prevalent? You can continue to help children like Kathir who are eager to transform their lives, and the lives of those around them, to do so quicker.

There are initiatives and activities in support of children, their families and communities that additional funding would enable.

Would you consider gifting children with a little extra every month through a free-will, regular donation to our Education Fund please?

You may choose to give any amount of money you can. It could be as little as $5 or as much as you feel convicted to give. For the last 50 years, your long-term, regular giving has helped create sustainable and positive change for thousands of people. We pray this will continue.

Your extra giving will help:

  • Improve educational pathways for deserving children
  • Support unsponsored children as we seek to find sponsors for them
  • Prevent children from falling prey to forced labour and child trafficking situations
  • Enable our partners overseas and our staff in Australia to design and implement effective programs
  • And much more.

The power of education is foundational in changing a child’s life. Children like Kathir, and Tripura (read Tripura’s story here), for example, have experienced the transforming impact of education. Without education, a child’s opportunities and ability to achieve their God-given potential are severely hampered.

But education alone isn’t always enough to bring about positive – and sustainable – change. That’s why we involve children to address other social issues such as, safety to avoid trafficking, life skills and health education. These additional programs enable the holistic development of children, but also come at a cost.

If you feel you can give a little more every month and offer children opportunities to thrive, please set up a regular sponsorship to the Education Fund.

Important Note: Thank you for this additional, free-will, regular donation. This additional donation does not replace or go towards existing sponsorship or project giving arrangements. Funds support a range of development activities in Asia. Donations of $2 and over are tax deductible in Australia. Personal information is collected to process donations and to send updates about Asian Aid’s work.