Giving Thanks for Stamps….


What does collecting stamps and serving disadvantaged children have in common?

The answer is Robert Howe.

For the past 8 years Robert has been raising money for Asian Aid by collecting stamps.

“I’ve always had an interest in stamps and have a good collection,” he said. “When the opportunity to (do this) was offered to me I thought it could be a way to not only add to my collection but also help out.”

Mr. Howe said Asian Aid supporters from across Australia would send him parcels of stamps throughout the year which he would then sort through to determine what could be sold.

“We would get stamps from all over the world,” he said. “I would sort through them and choose anything I would like to buy and then I had another collector friend who would also have a look through and select things to purchase. After that we would send them to auction to sell the remaining.”

In doing so, Robert has raised thousands of dollars to help meet the need of some of the world’s most disadvantaged children.

“I also have quite the collection of odd bits and pieces,” he said. “Scissors, a knitting needle, tweezers, even some jewellery, it’s funny what has made its way into the parcels sometimes.”

Unfortunately, after 8 years of service Robert is now retiring. He is thankful to all of those who have supported his ministry (and collection) over the years.

And from Asian Aid, THANK YOU Robert for your service. And thanks to our great God who can use even a man’s passion for stamps to serve the poor.

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Pudens Isabel

Author: Pudens Isabel

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Two years ago I decided something needed to change, so I quit my corporate job and started working for Asian Aid from my home in India.

Since then I have been visiting Asian Aid projects with my camera and notebook in tow, to bring pictures and stories from the field to you.