Determination despite tragedy?

Sponsorship Simon Nepal

Simon is a determined and talented young man from Nepal, who is full of potential. Simon?s mother worked hard as a farm labourer to sustain the family after her husband passed away. Struggling to support Simon to continue his education, Simon?s mother was relieved when he was given sponsorship through an Asian Aid school.

Not long before he was due to sit his Year 12 exams, Simon got news of a landslide that had devastated his home village at Damside, Sindhupalchowk, in a mountainous area near the China and Nepal boarder. Tragically, Simon lost his younger brother, sister-in-law and niece and nephew in the landslide on August 3, 2014. Miraculously, his mother was staying with Simon?s brother for the night, and survived.

Despite the heartbreak and devastation of his village, where hundreds of people were killed, Simon bravely continued his studies and successfully completed Year 12.

Damside, Sindhupalchowk, Nepal landslide

Devastation after the landslide at Damside, Sindhupalchowk in Nepal.

Damside landslides600 copy

Only months after the tragedy, Simon agreed to take up a position as the Boy?s Dean in an Asian Aid Children?s Home in Nepal, where he works today.

“My dream is to be a good educated teacher and share knowledge and wisdom to children,” shares Simon.

This reality is coming true for Simon.?In the mornings Simon works in the Asian Aid-supported Children’s Home and school, and at lunchtime he rides his bicycle to a tertiary institution where he is currently studying a Bachelor of Education, (Major English) program. Having overcome many hardships, Simon is a role model to the children in the Children?s homes. His courage, boldness and determination inspire the children and staff.

Simon shares his appreciation of his sponsor:?”My sponsor helped me to get an education. Their sponsorship help provide my school fees, books, school uniform and many other things which were important. Because of their help and support I am at this stage today. Although I haven’t seen them, I am sure that they are loyal, kind and helpful.”

“Thank you?so much for the?help you?have given?to me.”

staff school in NepalTeaching staff at the Asian Aid-supported school Simon also teaches at (Simon pictured second from left in the back row).

Like Simon, everyone should have an equal chance to receive an education. We are proud of the amazing things we have achieved in the last 50 years. Simon’s inspiring story illustrates how the Asian Aid family has helped build a better world for children and young people – so they can break down barriers that cause poverty.


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Author: Sonja Kama