A snapshot of 50 years

This year, as Asian Aid celebrates 50 years of giving and growing hope, it does so with humility and gratefulness for God’s divine guidance. Here we share a snapshot of some of the many things Asian Aid has experienced since 1966.

Our-CEO Richard

CEO’s 50th birthday wish for Asian Aid

Asian Aid’s CEO shares his 50th Anniversary wish for the agency, and explains why he is proud to be part of a family that is passionate about creating a world where people live free from poverty.

Thai villages reached with mobile health care

Through Asian Aid’s Health Program in Thailand, the mobile medical clinic program in Phuket is helping communities and remote villages where health care is needed the most.

Health Changes Lives

Like you, Asian Aid believes everyone should have the right to health. With improved health, people can become agents of change in their own communities, and improve conditions for their families and their children.

Giving Health ?A Fair Go?

For Asian Aid?s neighbours in Southeast Asia, a little can go a long way. It is the amazing stories of transformation and hope that inspire us to continue focusing on providing health to some of the world?s most promising people in Asia.

Sea Gypsies in Phuket

In the ?Thailand Overview?, the World Bank* states that despite Thailand?s economic advancement and popularity as a tourist destination, there is concern about the benefits and economic success not being shared equally amongst rural and ethnic communities.