A snapshot of 50 years

This year, as Asian Aid celebrates 50 years of giving and growing hope, it does so with humility and gratefulness for God’s divine guidance. Here we share a snapshot of some of the many things Asian Aid has experienced since 1966.

Education Provides Opportunities

Through Asian Aid’s Sponsorship Program, Abilakh and his sister now have a safe place to live and greater educational opportunities. This year, our Education Program has assisted thousands of children like Abilakh.

Changes in Letter Writing to Children

Asian Aid’s Child Protection Policy has recently been amended to ensure additional measures are taken to safeguard the children in our program. Here we share what this means for your sponsorship experience.

Our-CEO Richard

CEO’s 50th birthday wish for Asian Aid

Asian Aid’s CEO shares his 50th Anniversary wish for the agency, and explains why he is proud to be part of a family that is passionate about creating a world where people live free from poverty.

Children Receive Enriching Gifts

In January, as a result of your support of the recent sponsorship rate increase, Sri Lankan and Bangladeshi children were the first to receive the new child enrichment gift packages.