Stay in School Kids!

Few reasons why children in South Asia drop out of school. They have to worry about things I never even contemplated as a kid, including something so ‘simple’ like staying in school.

Investing in Girls in Nepal

Investing in children, particularly girls at a young age, is certainly bringing positive results to our program in Nepal.

Program update

Patrick from our Programs team recounts his visit to our projects in Asia. We look forward with optimism to face the development needs of the people we serve on your behalf.

Changing Mindsets Bring Joy to Young Girls

Deeply rooted is the practice of menstrual untouchability (chaupadi system), restriction and isolation. They believe that women and girls are impure and they live as outcasts during menstruation.

The impact of community education in India and Nepal

While school education is the foundation to fulfilling our potential, there are other ways to provide opportunities through informal training and it should be deemed to be as important too.

The Roads of Nepal

The roads of Nepal definitely earn their reputation as difficult to navigate, dangerous and after travelling you are likely to feel as if all the bones in your body have been reset to new and unusual positions,” writes Patrick Burke