Bangladesh Village School Teachers’ Seminar on Child Rights and Protection

In Bangladesh…

  • 229 children were raped in seven months (from January-July 2017).
  • More than 7.9 million children, aged 5 to 17, work in different sectors in Bangladesh every day.
  • Only 6% of children complete primary education.
  • Only 3% children receive secondary education.
  • 1928 people experienced sexual abuse, according to police records, during the 2013-2015 period. Among them 82% were under the age of 18.
  • 21% of sexual abusers are close relatives, even fathers, 47% are neighbors or friends and 32% are house tutors.
  • 66% of women (aged 20 to 24) were married before they turned 18.

Asian Aid recognises the importance of understanding the condition of millions of children facing some form of abuse in Bangladesh. 

We use this knowledge to ensure that our activities focus on actions to build awareness and address some of these conditions. Our partner, Bangladesh Children’s Sponsorship Services (BCSS), recently conducted a child rights and protection seminar for 38 village school teachers.

The program helped teachers:

  •       Recognise that many customary practices at home, school, church and the community could be considered as abuse to children
  •       Understand the ill effects of these abuses on the development of children
  •       Understand child rights and child protection policies
  •       Understand the Biblical perspective of safeguarding children as well as BCSS’ commitment to prevent child abuse, and
  •       Become aware of the country’s laws on child abuse and the consequences when violated.

“We have learnt many new things from this seminar, especially on how to deal with children and protect them from abuse.” (Henry Biswas)

“We understood that no child should be neglected in the classroom, and realised the importance of child marriage and child labor laws.” (Issac Biswas)

If you want to help equip more teachers with the skills and knowledge they need to help and protect the children in their care, please donate to Asian Aid’s Education Program. Visit, or call (+61) 02 6586 4250 today.

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