Child-Focused Initiatives

(Last Updated On: July 11, 2019)

With an increased and intentional emphasis on being a child-focused organisation, Asian Aid has been working closely with our overseas partners to ensure that our sponsor children and young people grow, learn and play in safe and nurturing environments.

This year we have been on an exciting journey with our partners as we have implemented a number of new child and young person initiatives focused on developing a holistic approach to the sponsorship experience.

Some of the activities implemented by our partners are:

Zenith Academy, Nepal

A special Fun Day was run in Kathmandu, Nepal for boarding students from Zenith and Chitwan hostels. “They all enjoyed the day thoroughly,” says Rama Basnet, director of Zenith Academy. “We had taken food and fruits for them, but they would not come out of water till 5pm!” In addition to the Fun Day, students also participated in an annual Inter-School Football competition. “It’s important for them to get exposure to other schools,” adds Rama.

Students from Zenith and Chitwan in Nepal at a Fun Day in Kathmandu

School for Speech and Hearing Impaired, India

At the School for Speech and Hearing Impaired, four student representatives from the school’s Children’s Committee have been chosen by their peers to help make decisions about their learning experience, overall care, and other opportunities. They are advocates for the student body at the school, and use their skills and talents to help create positive change.

3 Angels Nepal Children’s Homes, Pokhara

Recently, students at 3 Angels Nepal have taken up the challenge of shaping the future of programs and initiatives that directly affect them and their local communities. Through a Children’s Club, children are given regular opportunities to voice their opinions, participate in decision-making and develop leadership skills so that they have a holistic sponsorship experience.

In August, an article in The Himalayan Times in Nepal reported that according to the Kaski’s Child Home Monitoring Committee’s report, 63 children’s homes are being run without permission. Of the six children’s homes -including 3 Angels Nepal’s Children’s Homes – that are being legally run, the District child rights officer Bharat Raj Baral stated that the 3 Angels Nepal Children’s Homes in the district are one of two homes rated A-grade.

Students in the 3 Angels Children’s Club, Nepal.

If you are interested in learning more about our Child Focused Initiatives feel free to browse through our FAQ (frequently asked questions) page.

Author: Asian Aid