CEO Update: Food Relief

(Last Updated On: August 25, 2020)

As we move towards a different way of living, through socially distancing, how we attend church and being with our family and friends, we are thankful how you have continued to support us and the children through such difficult and changing times.

In the coming pages you will see how our Partners and our whole team have been able to pivot quickly and provide food security to those that need it most. That has been because of your support.

Food security is key to ensure that those vulnerable children who have been returned home through government policy do not create an additional burden on their families and thus increase their risk of starvation, early childhood marriage and human trafficking.

We have also created regular welfare checks on children, through a variety of means to keep a regular eye on your child. Through our Partners we our coordinating this through collaborating with the school leadership teams, the church leaders as well as local government councils, police and Partner phone calls as well as face to face interviews as food relief is picked up at check points and we thank all involved.

It is with this in mind, taking into consideration the worsening conditions in India, Bangladesh and Nepal and through consultation with our Partners, we have made the decision to extend food relief through until the end of the year.

Due to the uncertainty of the situation, we are unfortunately unable to provide children’s mail with this newsletter. We are able to provide you with a personal update of your child’s condition at home or school and we would encourage you to ring us at the office if you have would like additional information.

We remain focussed on the challenge of returning children to school as it is safe to do so and will be launching a Back to School fund to prepare both the schools, teachers and children to a better environment than they had when they return.

We thank you sincerely and ask for your continued support our Family Food Fund and to remember the children in your prayers.

Paul Esau – CEO

Author: Paul Esau